What to Know About Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing technique that involves hiring qualified technical people from outside your company to temporarily or permanently fill open roles in your team.

It allows you to select only those applicants who meet your specifications and to eliminate or expand your augmented team as needed. Staff augmentation is available from a variety of companies. IT staff augmentation companies can assist you supplement your in-house development team with qualified technical professionals on a short- or long-term basis.

IT staff augmentation is a subset of general staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a sort of outsourcing service provided by an external supplier on a contract basis to supplement the existing in-house team’s expertise and skills. This technique entails assessing current employee capabilities and identifying what skills are required.

What Are the Benefits of Staff Augmentation?

Exceptional Productivity

In contrast to a project outsourcing team, which can manage multiple projects at the same time, staff augmentation allows for a greater degree of productivity because developers are 100% focused on a single project. Working for a single customer and adhering to their large vision entails a higher level of drive and commitment.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

All IP rights belong to you from the start of your collaboration with your dedicated engineers.


You gain flexibility primarily on two fronts:

1. You receive access to a large pool of IT professionals, including UI/UX designers, front-end developers, Scrum masters, and product owners.

2. It’s much easier to replace a developer because the talent pool is larger, and you won’t have to spend extra money on the transition if you work with a staffing partner like OFS.

Efficiency in terms of costs

The pricing structure for staff expansion is extremely clear. You are not responsible for any administrative or organisational costs, such as office space, workstations, or other amenities. You pay a flat charge, and the vendor handles the rest, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Your proposal stands out:

Software engineers want to have a say in the development process and have a say in the decisions that are made during their time at a company. As a result, many developers desire to collaborate with product firms, which may be done in two ways: directly with a product company or through the staff augmentation approach.

How to Achieve Success with Team Augmentation?

1. Find a provider who will set up separate team rooms for your remote developers with all of the essential amenities. For example, our teams at OFS have rooms with the client’s company branding to make it easier for the offshore team to work with in-house engineers.

2. Ensure that distant developers experience the benefits of working with your local team. We install so-called “windows to the client” – a camera in the team’s room and a screen that shows what’s going on in the local office – at the request of certain of our clients.

3. Inquire with the vendor about the availability of professionals that may assist you in more effectively collaborating with your team. HR/Client Managers work with your developers at OFS to assist eliminate any potential misconceptions.

How to Tell If Staff Augmentation is Right For You

1. You already have engineers working on your product at your local office, but you’d like to expand your team by hiring a group of programmers to work on another aspect of it. You need to hire a team of 3-8 tech professionals, but due to a skills scarcity in your area, it’s impossible. You recognise that local recruitment will take too long, and that, given the risks and high market demand, this is not a viable alternative.

2. You’re working on a software project with a group of programmers, and you need to expand your staff with fresh engineers. Because the group of specialists you want to hire is uncommon in your country, you’re looking to broaden your search.

3.  You work on your product with a project outsourcing company, but this model doesn’t work for you for a variety of reasons. First, you want to communicate directly with your team on a regular basis, and second, you want to get to know your remote programmers so they feel like they’re a member of your local team. Both are necessary for distant teams to integrate with local teams and to be motivated to work toward a common objective with you.

Let Us Be Your Partner for Staff Augmentation!

Our team of experts has been providing business-critical solutions to our global customers on-site and remotely for over a decade. We are your success partner because we have vast expertise offering services to the federal government. We are large enough to handle a wide range of client requirements while remaining small enough to be quick and efficient. Our method ensures that you get the most qualified candidates for your company’s requirements.

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