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Big data needs no introduction–its unbelievable magnitude is at the forefront of the conversation. OFS can help you create an effective data strategy that taps into your company’s locked potential. We incorporate industry practices to help you streamline any structured, semi-structured, and unstructured datasets, formulating a comprehensive view of your data. Our goal is to identify what’s beneath the surface and accelerate your journey from analysis to insight to action.


Digital transformation rethinks how a company uses technology, processes, and teams to fundamentally change business performance.

As organizations become more data-driven, how you collect, analyze, and manage your data becomes increasingly important. Your ability to innovate and succeed relies heavily on the insights your data provides. OFS helps you leverage big data technology to analyze your data and arrive at the most impactful insights for your business. This process begins with the creation of the data lake, allowing us to ensure data quality and integrity, deliver intelligent insights, and leverage your data with the engagement of advanced analytics.


Leverage modern data storage, harness advanced analytics, and optimize business performance.


Implement Artificial Intelligence techniques that help you automate insights, discovery, and decision-making.

With our comprehensive cloud expertise, we enable you to find new and better ways to leverage the cloud, from initial migration to cloud management to the evolution of your cloud solutions. We know that every cloud project is unique. OFS strives to help you achieve the full promise of the cloud to introduce lasting innovation in your ecosystem. We spend the time to understand your goals, then define the solution to reflect both your current business needs and your vision for the future.