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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Integrate digital technology into all aspects of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value. Digital transformation is vital to success for small business, enterprise, and the government. OFS helps you challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with the changing tech landscape, leading to a lasting transformation.


Digital transformation rethinks how a company uses technology, processes, and teams to fundamentally change business performance.

The world has migrated to a digital mindset and consumers are savvy–it’s the responsibility of organizations to transform themselves to better connect with this new world. New digital technologies present incredible opportunities to streamline processes and align workstreams. OFS guides and facilitates the complete process by which an organization redefines and improves itself to stay relevant.


Start by assessing the state of current technology, analyze the best modernization plan, and implement it using an Agile SDLC


OFS guides organizations with swift and cost-effective transitions to cloud solutions that improve productivity, agility, and transparency.

With our comprehensive cloud expertise, we enable you to find new and better ways to leverage the cloud, from initial migration to cloud management to the evolution of your cloud solutions. We know that every cloud project is unique. OFS strives to help you achieve the full promise of the cloud to introduce lasting innovation in your ecosystem. We spend the time to understand your goals, then define the solution to reflect both your current business needs and your vision for the future.


Moving Ahead

Cloud technology has become a fundamental requirement for companies–it is the new normal. Cloud technology allows companies to achieve greater efficiency and drive meaningful business change.

Speed & Scale

The cloud allows companies to decrease the time it takes to provision IT infrastructure, which results in speedy delivery, impacting revenue growth or cost reduction.


Our goal is to improve security of content across your organization, reduce complexity, and increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

For some organizations, the modernization initiative seems overwhelming, but OFS is here to help, and the time is now. Modernization is the first required step before adopting digital, cyber, or cloud technologies to create fundamental changes across your organization. IT modernization gives you the foundation needed to meet dynamic future requirements and build a modern infrastructure. Modernize your legacy systems and transform your organization. We are here to help.

Start by assessing the state of current technology, analyze the best modernization plan, and implement it using an Agile SDLC



Discover emerging technologies, integrate unique software solutions, and solve complex problems with the help of our diverse team of software designers, developers, and product managers.

OFS has a lean global business model that provides exceptional software products and experiences. We are a technology-agnostic team–our focus is to solve problems. From planning to delivery, we successfully execute the product vision and strive to remove complexity from the standard software development workflow. Our highly skilled engineering team is at the forefront of innovation-driving, emerging technologies–Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Computer Vision, and Virtual and Augmented Reality.