Is Salesforce Good for Your Business? 7 Reasons the Answer is YES

With so many benefits and advantages to Salesforce, it’s no wonder that more than 100,000 companies have integrated the tool into their sales, service, marketing, and IT departments.

But the key question that has brought you to this blog page is…

Can Salesforce help small businesses?

While Salesforce has become a $3 billion tech company, it wasn’t long ago that is a small startup run by 4 people. Like other enterprises that has made it to the top, Salesforce’s way to success has not been easy.

A simplification of its sales and service cloud products has paved the way for the company to understand the concerns of a small business. Now twenty years after its inception, it runs ventures that make billions from a customer base that numbers more than 150,000. Having reached the heights of success, it now wins the trust of businesses like you. Small businesses use small business software, but do small business opt for Salesforce? Yeah, they do. And of those 150,000 clients, many are small enterprises, even startups. They have opted for Salesforce for many reasons, which have been listed in this blog.

If you’re thinking about learning how to use Salesforce in your business or if you already use the platform but would like to learn more about the numerous ways in which it can benefit your company, continue reading to find out why Salesforce could be the right fit for your business. Here are our top 7 Salesforce benefits.

1) Ease of Use

One of key things about Salesforce is how easy it is to use. Many of my fellow business owners complain about how complicated other business software programs are, but that’s not something I’ve experienced with Salesforce. In fact, most of our first-time users find it pretty intuitive and easy to pick up—with no training required! This not only means less time spent on training (you can get started in just minutes), but also that you can start focusing on more important things from day one. Some business owners spend a lot of time trying to learn new programs and systems; with Salesforce, you don’t have to worry about that kind of learning curve.

2) User Interface

Cloud computing is becoming an increasing part of business and consumers are demanding it. Cloud computing can be intimidating, though, as a user might not have a full understanding of what’s going on behind their computer screen. The salesforce benefits chart makes it easier to use cloud software by visualizing everything from machine learning to integration with other programs in simple boxes and lines, so users know they’re getting every benefit possible without even having to try out or research how salesforce works.

3) Time Saving

Employees waste an average of 2 hours per day looking up information on spreadsheets and in databases. That’s a lot of time! With a single, centralized data source available anywhere, employees can get any information they need faster. They can also process orders more quickly and have fewer errors in their work because critical data is always at their fingertips. A sales force automation solution like Salesforce will allow your team to work smarter – and waste less time!

4) Affordable

One of Salesforce’s biggest advantages is its affordability. You can start small, paying just $25 a month or so to access basic features like lead tracking and email marketing. For up to $200 per month, you can add in customer relationship management (CRM) tools like lead scoring, social media integrations and email automation. And at $600 per month, you get even more advanced analytics and monitoring tools than those included in other CRM platforms. If your business doesn’t have much money to spend on software, Salesforce offers an excellent solution that won’t break your budget.

5) Customer Support Services

Having a user-friendly interface is important, but if your customer support isn’t stellar, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into customizing your CRM. You’ll lose customers and hurt your business in one fell swoop. Give prospects plenty of opportunities to reach out to you and always be prompt when answering their questions or concerns. Not only does timely customer service make you look good, it makes salespeople more efficient because they won’t have to dig into an issue that was clearly resolved long ago.

6) Cloud Computing Technology

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Salesforce is its security. The platform boasts multiple layers of protection, and it can help prevent data loss and contain any damage if a breach does occur. Additionally, everything you do within Salesforce is under your control; that means no one outside your organization can access any information. Of course, to truly reap these benefits, you’ll need to use a cloud solution rather than opting for an on-premise software package. However, if you’re ready to make that move from traditional CRM solutions, then you have much to gain by moving to cloud technology in general—and particularly so when using Salesforce CRM as your new solution provider.

7) Security

One of my biggest concerns was security, but with Salesforce you don’t have to worry about getting hacked. With layered security measures built into their platform, your company can run on Salesforce and not have to waste time and resources on IT infrastructure. While other CRMs might offer some level of security, it doesn’t compare to what you get when you use Salesforce. For example, if someone gets a hold of an admin password for non-Salesforce data like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs, there’s still no way they could access your data through those platforms; that’s true peace of mind.

So these are some top benefits of using Salesforce for your small business. If you are looking to capitalize on the Salesforce capabilities, let our Salesforce experts help you. We deliver based on industry best practice templates and further customize the org to fit nuances, as required by business use cases. Consulting with us would let you choose from a range of standard configurations and best practices that comes pre-built with the ecosystem, which we help in identifying for you depending upon your business needs. Get in touch now!

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