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Software System Integration

The objective of integration services is to build an efficient and safe environment that provides quick access and reliability, efficiency and completeness of information management.

One Federal Solution is continuously reviewing the changing technology scene. We invest time and effort to carefully choose and fabricate integrated associations with technology partners from around the world so that we can offer you the best-in-class solutions without wasting significant time and resources researching software systems.

Our software system integration team works at discovering and implementing the best user-friendly integrated software systems and solutions that will bring the best return on investment for your enterprise, reduced time to market and low total cost of ownership and offers support to clients across a wide range.

We offer you direct business benefits by eliminating unnecessary recruitment to support your operations and reducing your manpower liability by using rich libraries and reusable components, thus guaranteeing the use of emergent technologies.

Advanced Application Programming Services

Application Programming starts with application design, which incorporates clarification, design, and documentation. It also includes creating the high-level design document from the business and functional requirements, providing application design instructions, developing traceability matrices for functional and technical requirements, developing and providing cost and schedule estimates as requested.

One Federal Solutions’ Application Programming Services provide custom programming services to enhance the application based on prioritized requests from the client. We also provide programming and development schedule for in scope activities for client acceptance. We also perform necessary technical design, programming, development, unit and string testing, scripting, configuring or customizing of application modules as required to develop and implement the design plans and specifications. Our team also conducts predetermined development status audits and provide written report on results to the client in adherence to the client techniques and procedures.

Application Testing, Debugging

When an application is developed, it is required to be free from defects and satisfy its purpose. Hence, developers perform various levels of testing on an application which measures the quality of an application and also eliminates the cost of rectifying errors after the application has been deployed.

Tracing is an important part in the testing process which tracks events in every line of program code and reveals the presence of errors in the application. Debugging is the process of finding and rectifying the logic errors that were found during the tracing process and determines that the application is defect free and should execute properly.

One Federal Solution offers the whole range of testing services across a variety of applications, digital technologies, and enterprises delivered under flexible business arrangements. We also provide end-to-end testing services at each stage of the software development lifecycle to ensure all the pieces incorporated into your solution are executing as designed from start to finish.

The Software Testing Team at OFS also provides the following types of Application Testing Services like Web, Desktop, and Mobile Application Testing. Our expert testers design unique test strategies for testing Enterprise solutions catering to a particular domain. We also have a proficient QA team, along with supporting infrastructure and processes to enhance the testing of business applications.

Custom Software Applications

Custom software application development is the creation of specialized software applications that satisfy a particular request or task. It could be utilized to fulfill one purpose for your organization, or it could encompass all your business processes and incorporate them together. It’s intended to meet the specialized requirements of a group of users or an organization better than the traditional software.

Need for custom software development crops up every now and for every business. It will deliver the most efficient system as it is can offer support for the particular needs of the business, which may not be available in an off-the-shelf solution and will give greater productivity or better client benefits.

One Federal Solution offers the best custom software application services at reasonable costs. We develop custom software which is highly secure, scalable, cost-efficient, flexible to use and simple to integrate with third-party software. Our proven expertise in the development of powerful, unique software intended to meet customer’s diverse software requirements has been within time and budget limits. The service provider you choose should not only check the quality of the application, but also ensure its effectiveness, meeting the business requirement, hence we take complete ownership to meet application objectives.

Start-ups, ISVs and enterprises alike have leveraged our custom software application development services to build reliable, scalable and low-cost solutions based on their unique process or design requirements.