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Systems Architecture and Design

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The right software systems can drive critical business value. It requires the careful evaluation of business and technical concerns for the current and future business context and is best done by those with the necessary expertise and experience.

At OFS, we work intimately with clients to architect and design software solutions equipped for handling the unique needs of the business across a variety of technical domains. We design and architect your solution in a way that performance, scalability, security, reliability, and maintainability are highly met. We also help you understand any problem from the above perspectives by evaluating your current IT organization, platform, system, or a single application.

We enable you to design a software architecture that delivers both your business and IT objectives and ensures that it meets your long-term needs by equipping your development and technical operations groups with a robust set of architectural requirements and designs.

Once the architecture is known, the next step is to plan the delivery. At OFS, we can help your organization achieve a successful long-term architecture by developing a roadmap, a set of project plans, and a robust risk management plan.

During the implementation of your architecture, it is fundamental to keep the delivery and architectural direction aligned, ensuring that core processes and oversight are in place. We can assist your teams during execution, as well as change control after your initial architecture is delivered.

We can develop, implement, and administer your architecture for you, from start to end, while also training your staff in the skills they need to take long-term ownership.

For each of the services we offer, we also provide coaching to your team through managing their architecture lifecycles.