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In a complex world, it is an imperative for business and operations leaders to be able to mine and polish valuable insights in their data. The value of adopting a data-driven approach to operations has been broadly accepted. However, the current state of Business Intelligence falls quite short of the initial vision for many companies and organizations.

There can be many reasons for the gap between vision and reality. Some of the common issues include:

• A state-of-the-art data processing and warehousing capability has been developed without a clear plan or the necessary skills to derive insight from the data
• Scaling pilots or solutions developed at the business-unit level to an enterprise-level capability is complicated
• Defining the appropriate metrics for the business and gaining user adoption can be difficult without the right experience

OFS consultants apply their domain expertise while working with our clients to gaining an understanding of their environment to assist them with developing their Data strategy. Our current areas of domain expertise include Supply Chain Management, Operations Research and Case Management. Our comprehensive data strategies include recommendations on an recommended infrastructure changes, data management policies, and training required to maximize the utility of our clients Business Intelligence investments.

In addition, OFS can provide the necessary talent to develop and maintain Business Intelligence platforms and associated reporting for our clients. This enables our clients to focus on transforming the insights into a competitive advantage without the need to manage the associated complexities of deriving those insights.