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System Administration

System administration is managing one or more hardware and software systems to ensure that computer systems and all related services are working well. This task is performed by a system administrator or IT experts who monitor system health, allocates system resources like disk space, performs backups, provides user access, manages user accounts and monitors system security etc.

OFS’ System Administration services provide installation, management, and support for servers running the Linux and Windows operating systems. The services also include system and software installation, configuration, management, patching, backups and recovery planning, troubleshooting and responding to incidents.

Our certified system administrators can perform system monitoring, logical and physical storage reviews, error log monitoring, performance analyses and optimization, advanced system admin tasks and so on.
OFS’ System Administration services encompass all of your system and network infrastructure needs at all levels of administration—from creation to execution to ongoing management. We also help with strategic planning for software deployments and hardware upgrades.

Our team of experts is skilled in networking design, maintenance, support, and diagnostics, system administration, configuration, and troubleshooting, monitoring system resources and optimizing for efficiency. We also assist in developing security policies, including firewall and virus protection as required. From security patch management to end-user remote control, we keep systems running smoothly so that you can focus on your core business.

OFS provides a complex system administration for businesses of all sizes. We conduct daily checks of your systems and software; data backup performance; operating system updates and configuration changes; installation and configuration of your new equipment or software; add, delete, create, modify users account information, reset passwords, etc. We offer continuous system administration at affordable costs that permit to lower your maintenance and recovery costs.

Network Management

Network management is the process of controlling and managing computer networks. Services provided incorporate fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks and maintaining the quality of service. Software that empowers network administrators to perform their capabilities is called network management software.

OFS Network Management Services provide complete support for the management and support processes for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) either on-site or remotely. We manage and monitor our own networks and the networks of others helping them run properly, and smoothly and keeps your network operating at optimal performance.

Our Network Management Center (NMC) can monitor and manage your Internet and IT infrastructure 24x7x365, provide real-time network reporting, allow remote network access and also provide the router, traffic and performance monitoring and notifications.

Our team of network management experts can assess your network management strategy and devise a course of action. Whether you outsource to us or update internal systems, we will enable you to maximize your network visibility and performance, reduce costs and use the latest mobility and cloud solutions. It also provides scalable and consistent IT solutions extending them along with the changing business.

Our trained and certified IT professionals manage your mission-critical IT infrastructure through their wide expertise in a broad range of optical and monitoring technologies.


The helpdesk serves as the primary place for reporting client complaints, concerns, and queries. Corporations usually provide helpdesk support to their customers through various channels such as toll-free numbers, websites, instant messaging, or email. There are also in-house helpdesks designed to provide help to representatives. An ideal helpdesk promotes customer satisfaction, if it is actively responsive, reliably serves the clients, and goes the extra mile in service delivery of specialized support by providing exceptional service to their clients and other employees.

OFS helpdesk is backed up by a team of specialists offering worldwide support across email, phone, and chat – helping you solve issues spontaneously, guaranteeing profitability and increased customer satisfaction. We bring you a fine combination of experience, technical and domain knowledge to ensure better results all the way. Our technical helpdesk solutions offer customized 24/7 support to reach out to the customers’ requirements.

OFS’ helpdesk services help you reduce the negative business impact, reduce support-related expenses, provide speedier turnaround and better quality of client requests as well as better management of infrastructure thus enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, communication and team coordination.

We also offer you the right blend of individuals, processes, and technology to advance your business objectives. We take charge of the design, build and conduct of your customer experience solutions, so you can converge on your core business and also increase the productivity of your business personnel.

OFS provides remote IT support by accessing your system from a remote location to identify issues and fix them faster.