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Machine Learning

With Machine learning, systems can spot patterns and link it by analyzing chunks of available data. Such systems use Big Data and sophisticated algorithms to learn how to perform the task independently. Machine learning enables business applications in faster decision making, increased productivity, faster anomaly detection, and business process automation.  It also helps to deliver new products and services by lowering the cost of existing products.

Our expertise in Machine Learning enables organizations to explore the data and make informed decisions from them. Our expert engineers have an analytical and methodological approach to tackle problems while designing or writing useful algorithms, as well as optimize existing algorithms for any given situation.

OFS’s expert developers deliver machine learning solutions automating business processes at various levels, from complex trade-offs and decision making about the resources to routine tasks like sending e-mails and form filling.

Our team of programmers also create useful bots that perform rules-based tasks through the user interface, emulating human interaction with software apps and thus enables you to focus on high-level tasks.

OFS’s machine learning specialists deliver advanced solutions that derive semantic information like concepts, keywords, emotions and relations from human speech and language via social media, and web applications.

Our machine learning consultants anticipate the output of the technology choice and offer the ideal advice on how to achieve your goal with minimum investments.

OFS runs training algorithms to find dependencies between unique datasets, including unstructured and structured human-generated and system-provided data.

ML programmers at OFS access the results produced by the machine learning model and fine-tune the model parameters on a consistently until the results get entirely acceptable. They wrap the model source code into a separate container, publishing it to the required platform so that you can begin inference on the new data.

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