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Historical Analytics, Real-time Analytics, Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics

Historical analytics is the study of market behavior over a given timeframe. Recorded data such as price, volatility, and volume can be evaluated and examined over a defined period. Using this data, dealers and investors can gain perspective on the inner functioning of that market. The data acquired during this period may prove helpful in building up a viable trading plan or improving existing technology.

Real-time analytics enables teams to make fast decisions by displaying information as soon as it’s available and answer inquiries as soon as they arise. Fast answers help teams make quick choices. Organizations that can detect customer issues instantly and change the product to make it all the more appealing develop more quickly and are progressively more successful. Real-time answers let organizations enhance faster, in everything from product design to marketing, business analysis, as well as client support.

Predictive analytics programs empower organizations to utilize big data to move from a historical view to a forward-looking viewpoint of the client. They can be deployed on premise and in the cloud. Majority of predictive analytics software is proprietary. However, versions based on open-source technology do exist.

OFS has been using complex rule-based algorithms and machine learning, to bring into life predictive and prescriptive analytics to enable you to benefit from forecasting by detecting a threat well in advance.

We support the clients who would prefer not to implement in-house data analysis solutions, instead are willing to get insightful analytical reports and dashboards. With this methodology, we need access to the client’s data: the team, hardware, and software required to perform the task are on us. We guarantee both high-quality results and safety of entrusted information.

Our Predictive analytics software examines and mines historical data patterns to anticipate future results by extracting information from data sets to determine patterns and trends. Our analysts use a range of algorithms, statistical analysis, and predictive analytics to build decision models, which business managers can use to plan for the most ideal result.

OFS’s powerful predictive analytics software can be used to uncover trends and patterns from Big Data, the Internet of Things, and your current data sources. Also, our predictive insights can be utilized to optimize your resources and enhance margins across your entire enterprise.

We offer a comprehensive package of services to enable you to resolve any data-related issue, for instance, designing informative reports and intuitive dashboards for your organization.

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