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Intrusion Detection Monitoring

Viruses are no longer the only threat to your systems. Advanced and persistent threats have turned into the new intrusion strategy. This means that hackers can access your network, control logs, and manipulate client records to gain entry whenever they need to. To secure your business and ensure that your network and data is not compromised, your information and applications need to remain safe from malicious activities at all times.

Overcoming such threats require continuous monitoring, decision-making support, and risk-management tools that are designed, implemented and monitored by experienced intrusion detection services (IDS) professionals.

One Federal Solution’s Security Managed Intrusion Detection Services (IDS) deploys a security appliance in your environment to precisely detect network intrusions. This system is constantly updated with the latest information about new and emerging threats, which increases the visibility of attacks and enables you to always be up to date on the latest cyber threats and will help you quickly recognize them, providing with most ideal and optimal protection levels consistently and at all times. It is designed to help you better secure your network from attacks and avoid system downtime.

Our service utilizes a simplified, flat-pricing model and a vendor-neutral approach to enable you to better manage costs and optimize the value of your existing security investments. We also provide enhanced flexibility, allowing you to choose the level of service suited to your managed devices.
Our team of security experts focuses only on genuine threats to your critical resources, expelling that burden from your IT team and providing them with a clear plan of action through our incident management platform.

Incident Management

As organizations become increasingly dependent on IT services, the ability to manage critical IT incidents has turned out to be crucial. Today the customers are educated and savvy, which makes it hard to respond rapidly and with the right solutions addressing each complaint or incident that comes across the service desk.

One Federal Solution’s Incident Management service automates the workflow of incident management. It offers clients tools and processes to effectively restore services while reducing incidents helping increase proficiency, resolve customer service issues quickly and minimize service disruption. Incident Management, in a way, empowers your employees so they’re more productive and successful in their jobs, delivering world-class service.

One Federal Solution works with clients to evaluate their incident management environment for strengths, gaps, and shortcomings and helps them execute an incident management methodology. With our services, we assist you to log, process, manage and report the IT issues that adversely impact your end users, IT administrations, and business services, which increases visibility and communication of incidents to both business and IT support staff. The outcome of this is building customer satisfaction, better first-time fix rate, reduced cost, decreased resolution time, and more IT stability. Not to mention bringing consistency and quality, so you better serve your customers.

Penetration Testing

IT security is vital to your business records and networks. How good is your organization’s security posture? Penetration testing comes in as a vital component as it is the practice of testing a computer framework, network or web application to discover vulnerabilities that an attacker could misuse, simulating an attack against an organization’s IT resources.

One Federal Solution provides a range of different penetration testing services, from a web and mobile applications and internal network or external infrastructure testing to audits of components within your organization’s infrastructure, such as servers, workstations or network devices.

Our experienced professional penetration testers examine IT systems for any weaknesses that could be utilized by an attacker to disrupt the privacy, availability or integrity of a network and related data.

Penetration Testing will be followed by a technical-level report outlining how we infiltrated your digital assets as well as recommend enhanced IT security measures to protect your systems.

Our security testing team provides comprehensive application penetration testing services, source code review to identify security issues overlooked in the initial development phase and compliance testing in case the application needs compliance with major security standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and so on.

Network Security Audits and Design

Network Security Audit is an essential part of any IT Security standard. With ever-changing security dynamics within your organization, the emergence of new threats, the increasing number of risks and provisioning of new applications with inherent security concerns, auditing becomes a vital process to ensure risks are contained and controlled.

Network Security Audits can be requested in areas like Network Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention System, Web Application Security, Database Security, Network and System Management Security and Infrastructure Hardening. It not only gives your business partners an understanding of your organization’s overall information security health, but also assures your customers that their services, data, and business is taken care of.

The aim of our Network Security Audit package is to enhance the security standard of your enterprise according to the recognized industrial standards by working in cooperation with you to find out the current level of IT security in your enterprise, determine weak points, implement risk estimates and finally work out concrete measures to increase the IT security of your enterprise.

Our service in this area identifies the environment in which the audit will take place and the risks within the particular environment, categorizes the risks based on priority and severity and quantifies them based on probability and its impact on the business. Our Network Security Audit service is tightly integrated with the Risk Management process.

After the audit, you will be presented with a written report detailing any immediate risks and threats as well as practical recommendations that you can implement straight away.

Risk Management

Organizations that are able to better understand and address material risks would be the ones to survive in today’s business environment. Enterprise Risk Management is an organized, consistent, and continuous risk management process, which when implemented can encourage better capital resource allocation decisions, increase operational productivity, and enhance your company’s risk control measures.

One Federal Solutions’ Risk Management service empowers organizations to better manage risk taking advantage of opportunities relating to business objectives and goals.

Our team of experts will, at your request, access your current environment for exposures, identify potential risks, examine your operational procedures and strategies, and propose ways to keep your organization, services, and properties safe, secure and protected.

We provide an intense and flexible framework for managing risk, allowing organizations to identify, analyze, evaluate and treat both risks and opportunities in order to protect the corporate brand, create incentives for investors, owners, representatives, clients, and regulators.

As an OFS client, you can access our risk management expertise through site visits, loss control inspections, education sessions and consulting services.

Leading organizations worldwide can depend on us to enhance the overall effectiveness of risk management initiatives while streamlining day-to-day risk management processes.