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Data Modeling, Data Science & Data Visualization

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Data modeling is an essential step in database design. The success of your Business Intelligence (BI) or Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) project relies upon the accurate recording and analysis of your data, from which professional data modeling must be derived.

Collecting and evaluating data from different sources with different formats presents many companies and data modeling tools with significant challenges like enormous, barely manageable amounts of data need to be collected, organized and analyzed intelligently. Hardly any software for qualitative data analysis can solve this problem. With suitable data modeling, you get back on track!

OFS’s data modeling experts communicate with clients to create a complete data architecture road map based on best practices, industry standards, and the latest proven techniques. They help enterprise-level entities bring greater consistency, reliability, and usability to even the most complex and disjointed data sets. They integrate data models helping to provide a project an even better view of data for the departmental, business unit and corporate decision making needs.

Our data professionals have comprehensive knowledge of the latest and proven data management best concepts, procedures, practices, processes, architectures, techniques and designs.    

Our data modelers begin with capturing the requirements of the organization as they are given and leverage a strategy of building models that are incorporated to associate different data sources, frameworks and applications into a strong and streamlined data path.

OFS has enormous experience assisting companies with their data modeling needs and ultimately helping those same entities receive more real-time actionable data to make better and informed decisions. 

Our data modeling specialists approach data from every perspective taking into account the data, data sources, what interacts with the data, the frameworks, applications, and platforms used to process the data and, level of integration. We focus on things like: where is the information coming from; how is it currently being organized; who touches the data and when; what information is now being produced and how accurate/actionable is that information; and so on.   

Our experts also communicate with stakeholders to gain better insight into the organization’s current issues as well as gather information on plans. They also try to find out what kind of reports are relevant, helpful and how they could be made better.

OFS can help companies with additional data related services like 24×7 DBA Support & Maintenance, Database Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning, Database Security and Programming, Data Migration, Data Warehousing, and Data Analytics.

We help you with data modeling in a way that is tool-independent, strong and which helps to increase efficiency. We plan precisely, exclusively and with long-term achievement in mind.

We organize your data from various sources according to your business transactions and also build custom analytics and reporting solutions using industry-leading technologies.

Our goal is to enable our clients to boost the impact of their data with custom dashboards and reports and work closely with them to find solutions to their business problems by developing meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

OFS also provides support in the data visualization journey by offering services like:

  • Data Modeling and Data Discovery
  • Staffing Services and Training
  • Technical installation, updates, security and design
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Dashboard Development and Support
  • Mobile Solutions