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Configuration Management

Configuration management (CM) is a systems engineering process for setting up and maintaining consistency of a product’s performance, physical and functional attributes with its requirements, design, and operational data throughout its life. It is a set of procedures and strategies which guarantees that your business system is well understood and works correctly.

The primary benefit of CM is the consistency of systems and software. It can help to manage every part of your business including workflow for designing and manufacturing products; software implementation process followed by your IT department, how the support team deals with customer issues. It also enables developers to work on new versions of the software with new features or fixes while simultaneously maintaining the current state.

When combined with automation, it can improve efficiency and also makes it conceivable to manage more targets with the same or fewer resources.

OFS’s Software CM services encourage cross-team collaboration by helping your delivery teams build complex products in a progressively secure and hassle-free manner. We empower you to boost IP protection and security, with our full granular permissions and a strong theft detection technology, giving you complete operational control.

Our CM Services help you find the correct configurations and guarantees that every configuration contains the specifying documents, requirements, specifications and user manuals. It also helps to trace the original source of every defect and enables you to report the status of your SDLC development process.

OFS’s CM services also manage continuous integration and deployment to ensure the tools receive the code and deploy it to the server, maintains software and hardware that host the system and encourages team interactions related to the process.

Our Configuration management software increases efficiency and stability, and perceivability into changes that occur in an application and streamlines an organization’s change control process. You will have an organized and effective methodology for documenting, validating, releasing, and changing your business requirements.

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