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Cloud Strategy Consulting

A cloud strategy consulting engagement aligns the interest of business and IT executives in addressing fundamental questions like what exactly the cloud and its benefits to your enterprise is, its impact on infrastructure and application architectures, how is it different from the traditional approaches, components of a cloud roadmap and its budget.

One Federal Solutions cloud computing services enable you to plan, build, migrate, and manage a cloud journey that prompts increased agility and value to your business by mitigating risk and ensuring industry consistency.

We also help in identifying business and IT requirements for cloud strategies, define a cloud roadmap, choose the right cloud platform, and help you with the inevitable move to the cloud so your IT team does not need to oversee complex hardware and software infrastructure.

OFS Cloud Consulting Services experts support you in creating a cloud strategy and help implement and deploy plans thereby extending your abilities. We also enable you to comprehend the opportunities of the cloud for your business, which incorporates improved agility and support for development and advancement.

Our cloud strategy consulting offerings support you through your decision-making process, from exploratory assessments to cloud strategy to solution and technology decisions. We ensure you make informed cloud and IT decisions that will help you achieve your business objectives.

We also work with you to assess your business’ cloud availability, defining a strategy and roadmap to enable you to gain maximum value from your cloud solution.

Our consultants will also help you adjust existing processes and procedures to your cloud infrastructure without interrupting your daily operations.

Cloud Applications

Many businesses today need to move to cloud applications, which are software programs where cloud-based and local components cooperate.

One Federal Solutions’ Cloud Application Services enable you to migrate to the cloud seamlessly—regardless of whether you’re relocating an off-the-shelf package or developing a new application from scratch. Once cloud-enabled, you can easily scale web applications, set up testing environments and also experiment with different high-performance computing applications.

Our Cloud Application Services team aims at designing, developing, deploying and managing services that help developers manage their own cloud and mobile applications and services.

We deliver a flexible IT cloud infrastructure based on your choice of heterogeneous cloud platforms including private, public and hybrid deployment models.

OFS can help you to transform your application by hosting or building them on PaaS or IaaS cloud platform.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering computing power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help enterprises scale and grow and to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, reliability, cost-effective and reduced time to market.

One Federal Solutions’ cloud choice with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a strong, end-to-end set of offerings to help move your workloads from on-premise infrastructure to the AWS Cloud and quickly deliver cloud-native applications for the enterprise helping you gain full value from AWS Cloud.

OFS professionals provide Amazon Web Services by following a three-step approach to cloud computing that involves:

  • Strategizing: Building a strategy that optimizes cloud performance and reevaluates ways to change your business operations through the cloud.
  • Aligning: According to the predefined strategy, we transform applications by rationalizing and moving workloads or creating new cloud applications.
  • Managing: Our cloud specialists optimize the workload allocation according to the business requirement to public and private utility for secured operations.

Big Data

A huge amount of information is created every day. Big data is larger with more complex data sets, especially from new data sources. Big Data has three dimensions that are large data volumes measured in terabytes or petabytes, variety (structured and unstructured data) and rapidly changing data.

One Federal Solution has the expertise to deliver projects which helps companies to derive insights from huge data volumes and develop their big data solutions.

We also provide a roadmap to clients on scaling of big data and analytics platforms and fully-manage and host data analysis service which manages large, fast-growing volumes of structured data and provides very fast query performance and petabyte scalability.

Our big data consulting team enables organizations to utilize larger and extensive data sets that are both structured and unstructured, to answer complex business issues.

OFS offers a broad set of services in big data including:

  • Big data strategy which includes the architecture and adoption strategies and defining a roadmap for big data.
  • Architecture strategy to help assess solution choices for a big data ecosystem, including cloud vs. on-premise, technology options and so on.
  • Advanced analytics strategy to enable organizations to quicken their advanced analytics capabilities.

Our team of domain experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive perspective of how big data and advanced analytics can help enhance how you utilize your strategic data assets.

Cloud Datacenter Operations

Cloud computing guarantees more power, more secure information, and easier access to data and devices required for success in any organization.

Cloud data centers offer higher levels of virtualization, standardization, automation, and security and also increased performance, higher capacity, and greater ease of management compared to traditional data centers. Increasing numbers of IT gadgets also pressures the need to build high-performance, intelligent and energy-saving cloud data centers.

OFS provides an entire array of IT infrastructure and services for moving smoothly and cost-effectively to cloud computing end-to-end solutions that guarantee productivity agility and transparency for your clients, applications, and data. OFS also helps you design and build a cloud computing data center that meets the high expectations of any organization.

With our advanced knowledge of chips, equipment, and software, we are able to provide the most comprehensive cloud data center solutions in the industry, helping enterprises accomplish digital transformation, aiding the evolution of an intelligent society.