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Business Process Engineering and Requirements Management

To maintain profitability and a competitive advantage in an uncertain and challenging marketplace, many leading organizations are shifting to business process engineering. When executed well, business process engineering initiatives can result in increasingly efficient and effective operations, with an enhanced bottom line and balance sheet.

Requirements management is an ongoing process; from characterizing and prioritizing, to reviewing, negotiating, and approving, to approving and verifying changes of product capabilities and characteristics.  When appropriately executed, it minimizes interpretation which is one of the most significant barriers to building the right product.

In a well-managed requirements process, key stakeholders participate in the initial phase of defining a product’s capabilities and stay up to date on progress, changes, and decisions during the development process.

Requirements Management guarantees that elicitation, documentation, refinement, and changes of requirements are adequately managed with during a lifecycle, satisfying the overall mission according to the client’s expectations.

At OFS, we have the ability to provide a sustainable cost savings to our clients, improved cash flow as well as end-to-end solutions for all of your business process reengineering needs. Our business process experts span all major business tasks including Finance, HR, IT, and Procurement.

OFS offers exclusive solutions for critical business needs such as cost optimization, working capital management, globalization, and outsourcing, shared services, IT strategy, supply chain consulting, etc.

OFS professionals are experts in business process analysis, engineering, and design. We enable clients to differentiate themselves, streamline tasks, and reduce costs by helping them to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of core business processes.

To stay focused, companies must continuously evaluate and update their business processes and operations. As firms expand, new technologies and business models are introduced, making the existing systems obsolete, inefficient or unmanageable. OFS’s Business Process Engineering services help clients to transform their operations to achieve maximum efficiency. We also guarantee that our customers are equipped to adjust quickly to future change and development opportunities.

We approach every project with the client’s broader strategic expectations in mind, enhancing each process within the context of its business area. These measurable results that we accomplish enable our clients to comply with regulatory guidelines, reduce costs, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Our Business Process Engineering services also focus on Process Analysis, Modelling, Implementation, and Refinement.

OFS’s requirements management team improves all significant aspects of organizational strategy (portfolio, programs, and projects) or operations management (everyday business) by reducing cost, enhancing quality, reducing the time taken, reducing risks, and enabling effective scope management.

We utilize the best practices and the leading tools to ensure your software and systems are delivered to meet your business requirements.

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