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AWS and Cloud Solutions

Demands on IT for lower costs and increased speed are fueling a rush to the public cloud, and many organizations are choosing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, the world’s most comprehensively adopted public cloud platform with new services being included at a phenomenal rate.

AWS has an amazing contribution in cloud computing. It offers reliable, versatile, and cost-effective cloud computing resources on which you host your applications. AWS provides a complete suite of services and solutions to run advanced and scalable applications to help accomplish better business outcomes. Running  applications in the AWS Cloud can enable you to move faster, work more securely, and save significant costs; thus benefitting from the scale, agility, and performance of the cloud.

Organizations worldwide are transforming their IT landscapes using cloud services. They not only want to move to the cloud but are also searching out for a partner to help them through their digital transformation and manage their cloud environments from beginning to end. This is where OFS and AWS can help.

OFS Cloud Services for AWS provides design, delivery and day to day operational support within the AWS cloud. We manage and monitor infrastructure configurations and system software, and our financial and governance services help to reduce uncontrolled utilization. You can scale up and down to constantly meet your changing business needs, guaranteeing that your IT expenses and services will consistently align to business demand.

Regardless of whether your organization has critical workloads that request a full suite of services or you’re merely looking for a light service to control costs, we offer managed service bundles suited to scale and adjust to the client’s IT and financial objectives. In addition to managing costs, these organizations are benefiting from agile development and deployment of cloud-local applications.

OFS’s AWS professionals, give your organization control of, and greater perceivability into, your AWS environment.

Our Cloud Services for AWS are helping customers advance their AWS utilization and benefit from flexible consumption-based models such as infrastructure as a service and platform as a service.

OFS has wide-ranging cloud transformation expertise and helps organizations right from the design stage through to implementation, migration, and operation of their cloud solution, even in hybrid environments. 

Our certified experts guide you step-by-step into the AWS cloud and help you exploit all its potential and get the best out of the broad scope of AWS services. Our experienced engineers will enable you to build reliable and innovative AWS solutions.

At OFS, we provide a one-stop solution for all your cloud computing needs. Our AWS developers understand your business needs initially and accordingly adjust the AWS services for you. Our team of AWS specialists has profound experience helping organizations leverage Amazon Web Services and realize the full value of the AWS Cloud.

We provide you with a committed account manager and project manager to ensure all aspects of your commitment with us to run smoothly.

We have vast experience adapting existing Internet practices and technologies into the new wave of infinitely versatile solutions that Amazon offers.

We can configure both SQL and No-SQL databases for durability, availability, and performance.

Our highly financially savvy and reliable services guarantee that you receive the highest return on your investment.

Our communication channels are open 24/7 associating you with the right team of specialists to reduce complexity and enhance the efficiency of your project.

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